Our Response

At Ryarsh, our response to the global pandemic is very much in line with our school values and ethos. We aim to support our children and families through this difficult time, whilst trying our best to ensure that our children are provided with the very best education opportunities, built on a foundation of nuture.

As well as making changes to schools to reduce the risk of the virus, we must also make sure that we are able to provide high quality education opportunities for those in school, as well as those children learning remotely. To find out more about our January 2021 plans, please use the link below to read our January 2021 plan:

January 2021 School Plan


Remote Learning Plan

A key part of our school provision is the remote learning opportunities provided to children. To read a copy of our remote learning plan, please click on the link below:

Remote learning plan


Covid Funding Plan

Each school will be provided with additional funding to help support children’s education through the global pandemic. You can read our Covid Funding Plan by clicking on the link below: