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This week Leopard class and Orang-utan class put on their production of Oliver.

Oliver is a demanding show with lots of time and effort put in by the whole cast. Oliver was played by Dominic and George. Nancy was played by Ella and Daisy. Dodger was played by Josh and Tom. Mr Bumble was played by Connor and James P. Widow Corney was played by Katie and Libby. Fagin was played by Sohaila.

The funniest bit was when the Artful Dodger said “Mind, mind, you aving a laugh!”.  Also it was funny when Sohaila forgot to bring her hankerchief onto stage and we had to use a string of

sausages instead (not real sausages).

Josh said, “My favourite song was Consider Yourself and You’ve got to Pick a Pocket or Two. I

really enjoyed making the play and it was lots of fun. My mum was very proud of me, as well as my Dad, my Nan and my Grandad. I also enjoyed the bit at the end when I did my kick!”

Millie said, “My favourite song was Oom-pah-pah and I’d Do Anything. My favourite character was Nancy and my funniest bit was the sausages for the hankerchief.”

Tom said, “My favourite part of the play is when Fagin grabs me (Dodger) in a headlock! My favourite song is I’m Reviewing the Situation sung by Fagin and Dodger at the end.”

Thank you to everyone who helped us make the play such as success. Oliver is probably one of the best plays we have ever done and will be a very memorable moment of our time at Ryarsh.




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