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Year 3 and 4 school trip to Trosley Country Park

On Friday the 28th of March, Yr 3 and Yr 4 went on a school trip to Trosley Park. We left at 9:15 on a Brookline coach. The children were very excited for their day ahead. Making sure we all had our disposable lunch, we clambered on board the coach. There were 2 activities; minibeast hunting and crafts. We did the mini beast hunting first and found a number of interesting kinds of bugs. We also made our own bugs out of tissue paper and pipe cleaners! Then we had some lunch sitting out in the woods. After that, we did some crafts. We went out into the woods and made models like dogs, camps, bow and arrows and swords. Overall, we had a great day but we were very tired by the time we came back to school!

By Harriet and Katy







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