Our vision for PE at Ryarsh Primary School

At Ryarsh, in our bid to develop forward thinking pupils we understand how critical a part Physical Education and sport plays in our children’s futures. We aspire to develop a real passion for sport across the school and encourage all pupils to retain the motivation, resilience and drive to want to succeed within lessons, competitions and tournaments.  Through high quality teaching and learning, we also aim to ensure that all pupils enjoy their physical education, develop their team work and positive attitudes, and have the knowledge to continue to improve further.

At Ryarsh, we aim to develop our children’s perseverance, determination and motivation whilst demonstrating excellent sportsmanship at all times. In line with legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games, we are committed to developing our sports provision and working with our children to give every child the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports. In addition to this, we endeavour to promote and support a healthy, active lifestyle to enable every pupil to have a brighter future.

Children are able to participate in a broadening range of sports across the year, taught by our experienced class teachers and by our sports coaches from Team Theme. To find out about which sports are covered in each year group, please click the link below:

PE Overview

PE and Sport Premium Review