Phonics At Home

At Ryarsh, we know how important it is for children to get off to a great start with their reading. To find out more about how we teach phonics and how you can support your child to become confident and fluent readers, please watch the video below: 

To download a copy of the PowerPoint used in the video, please click on the link below:



Please find below the video links from the PowerPoint. They provide you with more information about what phonics is and how to pronounce the sounds.


Here are a few activities and games to help practise different phonemes at home.

DJ Cow – Phases 3-5

Phonics Play – good for reading different phonemes in real or ‘alien’ words.

Spelling City – Fun ways to practise spelling different words. (Type in the words and then select a game – warning it is an American site so it’s best to pick the games that don’t say the words out loud).

Alphablocks – Cbeebies – Clips, stories and games.

Letters and Sounds – Games, ideas, phonemes.