Curriculum Statement


The Ryarsh Primary School Curriculum is all the planned activities which we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum (DfE,2014) and Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE,2012), but also the additional elements that enable us to develop our learners in line with the values and ethos of school. This ensures that, as well as meeting current aims and statutory requirements, we are developing children for a brighter future. This is in line with our school motto of:

“Forward thinking for a brighter future.”

 Although our curriculum is underpinned by the aims of the National Curriculum, there are other planned opportunities that make up the wider school curriculum. These reflect our children at Ryarsh and allow us to develop a personalised approach to learning, which is continuously evolving in line with our children’s needs. With our school environment, we aim to develop our setting so it captivates our children and gives us a platform to strengthen and deepen learning. We provide our educators with the opportunity to drive the highest standards, whilst at the same time promote a creative approach. This develops a love of learning in our children, as well as preparing them for the next stage in their education. At Ryarsh, we understand and appreciate that all of our children are unique and we aim for our children to leave Ryarsh Primary School with lifelong happy memories.

Throughout our curriculum we aim to develop the core skills of reading, writing and mathematics. Where links can be made, subjects are taught creatively in a cross curricular thematic manner. Where this is not achievable, subjects are taught discretely. Running through all our teaching is our aim to develop life long learning skills through a focus on ‘growth mindset’ to allow the children to grow as both a learner and a person. We want our children to be comfortable in learning from their mistakes and seeing the value in failure.

Our curriculum is designed to be:


At Ryarsh, we aim to constantly inspire our children to order to develop ‘awe and wonder’ moments. We want our children to be captivated by their learning and believe that learning is stronger when emotional links are made. We aim to provide inspiring learning opportunities which allow the children to take ownership of their own learning. Through developing creative and open-ended activities, we are able to give purpose to learning and achievements. We also aim to inspire children beyond the classroom through providing a variety of extracurricular opportunities.



Our curriculum aims to equip our children with the vital knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the future. We strive to personalise our curriculum for our children in order to make purposeful links with the real world. This allows us to help our children bridge the gap between the known and the unknown.

Developing excellence

Our curriculum aims to promote excellence and encourage children to reach the highest standards possible. There is a strong expectation placed on the children in the school that ‘nothing but their best will do’. Through delivering engaging and challenging learning experiences, we are able to provide the best possible platform for our children to succeed. We celebrate excellence both in terms of the quality of children’s learning outcomes as well as children’s approach to learning.

Our curriculum also links to our school values which can be seen on the Ryarsh Value Tree below:



At Ryarsh, we aim to ensure that all our relationships throughout the school are based on the value of respect. We believe that this starts with the standards set by the adults in the school. Through the way in which we communicate the highest levels of respect for the children, we expect the same to shown back. We appreciate that our children are unique, and what binds us together are the compassionate and respectful relationships that are developed throughout the school community.


At the very heart of our school is the value of community. At Ryarsh, we believe that building strong links with our community is vital to the success of our school. We regularly seek feedback from parents in order to improve our communication and aim to develop our relationships with parents. We understand that our collaborative work with the wider school community helps to provide every child with the opportunity to succeed. Through these links, we are able to organise visits and visitors to the school to further the children’s learning experiences.


We aim to develop a strong sense of responsibility in all children and appreciate that this can take many forms. We are very proud of our school and expect the children to uphold this through showing the value of responsibility. Through taking on specific roles and responsibilities and also through their day-to-day conduct, we aim for the children to develop a strong sense of this value.

Positive Attitude & Perseverance

We set our expectations very high for our children and in order to reach their potential, we encourage children to persevere when faced with challenges or experiences that take them out of their comfort zone. At Ryarsh, we aim for our curriculum to develop children who are resilient in the face of adversity and welcome challenges.


Through our curriculum, we provide children with a wide range of challenges and opportunities for success. Our children are extremely proud to be part of Ryarsh Primary School and we aim to develop this further through developing a sense of pride of not only their own achievements but also the achievements of others.


Through our curriculum we aim to develop children who are independent thinkers and learners. We also aim to equip our children with the skills they need to work collaboratively with others, as we believe that a balance between independence and collaboration leads to excellent learning and the development of life-long skills.