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Ryarsh Primary School

Maths at home

Our Calculations Policy sets out how we teach the four rules of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) throughout the school. This is often useful for parents to refer to, as it may be very different to the methods we were taught at school!

Calculation Policy


At Ryarsh, we use our 'timestables mountain' to help provide a progressive model that helps our children mater all of the multiplication tables by the end of year 4. 

There are various ways to support the learning of multiplication tables in class and at home.  From January in year 2, children begin to use timestable rockstars either on a laptop or a tablet device to help learn their multiplication tables. 

To find out more (including how details on how to download the app) you can visit their website:

Timestables rockstars

You can also support your child at home by downloading some of the timetables mountain sheets that we use in school. Please use the links below to download your own copy. Each time the document is opened/downloaded, a new set of questions will be generated.