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Ryarsh Primary School

Our Story

Schools across the country will spend a great deal of time analysing the measurable outcomes of children: assessment scores, progress measures, work in books, in-class contributions and conversations, but schools do so much more than that which can be measured. Whilst we are very proud of the high level of outcomes achieved by our children, we place great importance on developing the type of culture that allows children and adults to thrive.

 Visitors to our school often tell us that our school has a ‘special feeling’ or a ‘buzz’ when walking around - something which cannot be measured but has to be experienced. We believe that this is created by many reasons, but can be summarised through the explanation that, at Ryarsh Primary School, there is a commonly held view that we are not just a community of learners – we are a ‘family’ of learners. Our community of learners is brought together by circumstance, whereas our family of learners is brought together by relationships.


“I’d just like to say, I love this school and I’m so proud my children go here. I cannot sing the school’s praises enough. I wish my primary school was like Ryarsh when I was younger. Keep up the amazing work; you have no idea how much you improve these children’s lives and the positive impact you have.”

Feedback from parent 2023


When you become part of Ryarsh Primary School, you become part of a family which we all take great pride in being part of. In our view, communities are brought together by location, circumstance or shared characteristics. We define ourselves as a family as we are bonded by relationships.


“We are a fantastic team. We are an inspiring and motivating place for pupils and staff, our curriculum is engaging and exciting and there are always opportunities for development and creativity. It is an inspirational place to be, we are family! 

Feedback from staff 2023


At Ryarsh Primary School, our valued relationships (and principles underpinning these relationships) are a massive contributing factor in the ‘culture of trust’ that we have in our school. A combination of strong relationships and a culture of trust allow our school values (integrity, determination, compassion, unity and respect) to permeate throughout the school and impact on all of our decisions and actions.


“The best thing about our school is that we all respect each other and all the bonds between the adults and the children.”

Feedback from a Year 6 child 2023


Feedback from our 2023 parent survey highlights that:

97.4% of parents agree that their child is happy and well looked after in our school

100% agree that their child makes good progress

100% of parents agree that their child feels safe in our school

100% of parents would recommend our school to another parent

 Our school is a place where staff are highly valued; empowered to research and try new things; nurtured to support their mental health & wellbeing and challenged to continuously improve.


 “It’s a very caring and nurturing school and I think there’s a good understanding of what makes children happy, which in turn helps them learn”

Feedback from parent 2023


Within our Ryarsh family, every person, no matter their age, is a learner. As part of our community of learners, we help all minds flourish because every single person is provided with the opportunity to learn, develop and grow. At our school, we are knowledgeable, research based and investigative as this helps to shape our innovative, reflective teaching practices and our continuous drive for improvement.


“Research continues to drive our development; we are always reflecting and improving our teaching practice to best support our children”

Feedback from staff 2023


Children’s outcomes from 2023 show:
  • In reception, 90% of children reach age related expectations compared to 65% of children nationally (2022).
  • In year 1, 90% of children pass the phonics screening check, compared to 76% nationally (2022).
  • By the end of Key Stage 1, 80% of our children reach age related expectations in reading, writing and maths (combined), compared to 54% of children nationally (2022).
  • By the end of Key Stage 2, 73% of our children reach age related expectations in reading, writing and maths (combined), compared to 59% of children nationally.
 We take actions that are considered and measured as we listen and empower all stake-holders to be involved in the decisions that matter to them. We appreciate that every single person involved in our school plays a crucial role in the magic weaving that is experienced at Ryarsh Primary School.