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Ryarsh Primary School

Home Learning

Supporting Learning at Home

At Ryarsh, we try to offer our children meaningful and engaging home learning opportunities.

Follow a review of our home learning approach in 2020, including a consultation period with both staff and parents, we are delighted to share our approach to home learning with you. Please click on the link below to find out more:

Home Learning Policy

Reading at Home

To find out more about how to support your child with reading at home, please click on the link below and watch the following video:

At Ryarsh, we love to read and would like to provide the following book recommendations:

Ryarsh children’s book recommendations

Phonics at Home

At Ryarsh, we know how important it is for children to get off to a great start with their reading. To find out more about how we teach phonics and how you can support your child to become confident and fluent readers, please watch the video below: 

Please find below the video links from the PowerPoint. They provide you with more information about what phonics is and how to pronounce the sounds.



Here are a few activities and games to help practise different phonemes at home.

DJ Cow – Phases 3-5

Phonics Play – good for reading different phonemes in real or ‘alien’ words.

Spelling City – Fun ways to practise spelling different words. (Type in the words and then select a game – warning it is an American site so it’s best to pick the games that don’t say the words out loud).

Alphablocks – Cbeebies – Clips, stories and games.

Letters and Sounds – Games, ideas, phonemes.

Maths at Home

Welcome to the Maths at Home page.

Our updated Calculations Policy sets out how we teach the four rules of calculation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) throughout the school. This is often useful for parents to refer to, as it may be very different to the methods we were taught at school!

 In October 2016 we held a Parent Workshop on Calculations. If you were unable to attend, the information covered is in our Calculations Policy:

Ryarsh Primary School Calculation Policy

Please find below various websites and apps which can help support your child learn and quickly recall important basic Maths skills.

 Please find below various websites and apps which can help support your child learn and quickly recall important basic Maths skills.

Hit the button (Number bonds, Doubles/Halves, ÷/x facts)

Number Grids (Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication)

Times Tables

Number bonds (to any number)

Number bonds to 10

Number Bonds to 100 (and more…)



In 1s

In 2s


In 5s

In 10s


Addition and Subtraction

For those of you that like something a bit more tricky…

Computing at Home

Throughout the school, we use the purple mash resources to provide the children with exciting projects and games in order to develop their computing skills. Each child has  unique login and password to access these resources both in school and at home.

The purple mash resources can be found by clicking on the link below:


Safer Search Engines

In order to ensure we promote e-safety throghout the school, we recommend that the children use safe search engines such as: