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Ryarsh Primary School


PTFA: Information you may not know

Such as….from the money we’ve raised, the school has been able to buy:

Without your ongoing help in contributing to the PTFA, certain resources, which help our children learn and have fun at school would not otherwise be able to be funded. Nor would the events for children and families to enjoy be able to run.

The school is able to provide the children with vital resources, but, unfortunately, the school budget is not a bottomless pit, and a lot of those extras (some huge, some not so – but all needed and appreciated) would not be possible without the PTFA and all of you imputing support for the PTFA in someway.


Please click here for the PTFA Constitution

Events organised and run by the PTFA:

School discos

Christmas Bazaar 

Summer Fayre

Children’s Film Night

Secret Santa – where the children can buy small gifts for their parents

Quiz nights

Pamper Evening



The PTFA cannot do it alone; we are a small group and need your support to be able to keep raising the money needed and events running.

The good news is that you can help without having to be too committed or involved, in any of the following ways:


*Donate raffle prizes – or ask if the company you work for will* 

*Ask if the company you work for will Fund Match (matching our takings on a specific event or stall)*

*Help run a stall at the summer fete or Christmas bazaar (with free tea & cake as a thank you from us!)* 

*Help out on Film Night, Quiz nights, ‘Secret Santa’ or School Discos* 

*Attend one of our events, have a good time and add to the money raised* 

*Join the ‘100 club’ signing up to donating just £1 or more per month, with the chance to win up to £15 each month*

*Register on www.easyfundraising.org.uk Then shop with Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and many more and the school will receive donations from these     companies at no cost to you* 

*Attend one of our meetings for your input on how we can do this better!!*


If you can help us in any way please either find us on the

playground or email us: ptfa@ryarsh.kent.sch.uk