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Ryarsh Primary School


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Admissions Statement 2022

Getting Ready for School

Many parents ask how best they can help their children before and during their early days at school. Without doubt the greatest contribution is to help your child to explore the world with confidence. For instance, talk about objects and pictures, encourage your child to describe things to you and answer questions as fully as possible. This approach will prepare the way for reading and writing by widening your child’s vocabulary.

Please encourage your child to do the following things that will help during the early days at school.

  • to dress him/herself and be able to fasten shoes, handle zips and buttons
  • make sure that your child can use the toilet independently and that he/she can ask to do so before it is too late
  • to wash and dry his/her hands
  • to use a knife and fork
  • to change shoes, wellingtons and plimsolls
  • to put on a coat and hat and be able to hang them up
  • to put on socks and shoes
  • to recognise his/her own name on clothing
  • to use a handkerchief/tissue
  • to understand and carry out an instruction
  • to be able to listen
  • to use playground equipment, such as climbing frames and swings
  • to be able to use scissors