Year 6 Residential Trip to Stone Farm in Devon 2014

On Monday 30th June, year 6 prepared for their Devon residential trip. The coach arrived at 8:15, in the morning, and we all waved goodbye at 8:40 when the coach departed. An hour into the drive, we stopped at Fleet services. Then we stopped at Montacute House at 12:30. Eagerly, we had our Tudor lunch then we explored the grounds by walking around in our groups. Afterwards, we got back onto the coach and drove to Stone Farm.

When we got there, we were met by Mr Hatton and his dog, Diesel, who greeted us with a warm welcome. Afterwards, he gave us a tour of the farm and the animals. Then we saw our dorms and had free time with the animals.  There were many baby rabbits which were really cute and cuddly.  In the other hutches and runs, there were lots of different guinea pigs and chicks.  Daisy the cow, who stood extremely still, was very patient whilst we all milked her.  In the surrounding fields lived two noisy pigs, Aztec and Inca the Alpacas, Anna the naughty and greedy goat, Thunder the Shetland pony and a quiet donkey.  After that we had dinner and then it was time for the campfire. We sang a range of songs with actions and had delicious roasted marshmallows.  Finally it was time for bed ready for another exciting day.

We woke up at 7:00 had breakfast and then we had our farm jobs. Our farm jobs included moving all of the rabbits and guinea pigs in their runs, feeding the animals in the fields and meeting Hush and Hedwig, Mr Hatton’s owls. Then we went to the Eden project.  The Eden project had three biomes: the Outdoor Biome, the Mediterranean Biome and the Rainforest Biome. When we got back, we had dinner then sketched the two owls: Hedwig and Hush.  On the Wednesday it was the Dartmoor walking day. We woke up and had our breakfast and then we did our farm jobs again. We went to Lydford Gorge which is a beautiful waterfall and we had a group photograph together. After recovering from walking up a steep hill, we travelled across the moorland. After a long day in the fresh air, we got back to Stone farm and had free time with the animals. Then a falconer came and showed us some of his birds of prey that he had.  On Thursday it was the Morwellham Quay day.  After a short journey, we went to Morwellham Quay and went on a mine train ride. We got back and had our tea.   Our evening activity was a barn dance and a quiz recapping all of the facts learnt during the week. It was then our last night in our dorm.

We woke up and packed our bags and then we got on the coach and left. We stopped off at the Winchester Science centre for lunch and explored lots of different work stations using our bodies and minds. After a great week together, we arrived back safe and sound. Overall we had a fantastic time and we will all have lots of memories of our time there.